Nikola was so wonderful to work with!She did a portrait for both my sister and I. I was so amazed by Nikola’s artistry and the message she received. I definitely resonate with it and acknowledge my guide daily! 


Oh I cannot describe how amazed I am! I love it so much. I even saw a flash of this painting two nights ago while falling asleep (just with slight differences and from a zoomed out perspective)! Wow. The geometry in my hands is even similar to some I drew just days ago. 

The holographic sacred geometry you described feels so right and can explain so much about how I feel drawn to experimenting with this. The death card feels spot on too, I’ve just been itching for an adventure! And the Sirius and Yahyel connections were so interesting to hear about! 

These colours are perfect and this beautiful painting just feels so right. I really cannot thank you enough for the clarity and joy that this brings me. So very special.