“Nikola was an exquisite channel. She painted exactly what my soul was in need of. I lost myself after being pregnant and becoming a mother so I invested in a painting with the intention of it helping me settle into my essence again. After I purchased it, I started getting downloads and it immediately activated my life and sent me through many changes. And just days after receiving the painting, I was able to start becoming aware of who I am again. My soul Portrait reminded me of who I am and that’s exactly what I needed. Something very special and close to my heart, Nikola channeled and painted in my portrait.  It’s a crystal palace. For the past couple years in almost all my meditations, I have seen this palace and I have drawn it in multiple paintings.  Immediately, I felt heart chakra activations and my soul felt settled, comforted and peace. It was incredibly heart warming. I’m so thankful I invested in a soul portrait. I feel at home every time I look at it❤️“


Nikola’s work resonates to my core and I am filled with gratitude to glimpse one more facet of my incarnation, as perceived by another being of couscious light. Thank you for the work you do, Nikola – thank you, for this important work in bringing out the best in us. I am wholly grateful.