mermaid consciousness – ELEMENTARIANS

Hi everyone!

So about two weeks ago I have been channeling my mermaid consciousness with symbols that are specific to my energy DNA. Yesterday I have been channeling little more but specifically about those types of mermaids that you see in my painting.

1st channeling

  • mermaid consciousness is BIG on Earth. Not just the mythology about them but also the work and energy they have done.
  • I always thought that mermaids wouldn’t be able to travel through space, as they are water beings. Although I was proofed wrong. You can see the pink mushroom space crafts. They indeed have a mushroom/jellyfish texture inside, very slimy and wet. They are living organisms, protected by a harder structure built on the outside.
  • these specific symbols are holding my personal energy of each chakra – I can read some cosmic information from them
  • the round thing on the top of pyramid that she/I hold is a mirror so I would understand that the painting is a reflection of my mermaid consciousness

2nd channeling

right from the beginning I got a strong message that these beings certainly don’t want to be called “Mermaids”. They are not the types of half human/half fish, big breasted feminine mermaids. Their energy between masculine/feminine is VERY balanced. I am seeing the yin/yang symbol.

  • they are a civilization of many types of water beings
  • they energy is sharp as knife
  • they have a “sharp tongue” in a sense
  • they would prefer the name ELEMENTARIENS instead of mermaids.
  • they are very advanced, intelligent.
  • they often come to Earth to work on some natural improvements of oceans
  • you could misplace their energy for fairies (don’t forget there are many types of fairies)
  • I am also getting  a connection to the ancient civilization of Antarctica and the Atlantis
  • as you can see in the picture, they are very thin and super long. the ending of their tail is as small as their neck. their eyes are big and narrow, fish-like, protected by a translucent cover – same as fish have. they do have ears.
  • they told me their civilization comes from many different places/ oceans. Although I do feel my personal connection to be on Sirius B.

There are many beings that are helping us with our consciousness and awakening (higher chakras) such as the hybrids, pleiadians and Arcturians and many others. And then on the other hand there are beings such as these that are helping us and mamma Earth to GROUND in a sense (lower chakras). That’s why they are working on many aspects of our oceans. As time goes they will be getting closer and closer to each other, until they meet with us /humanity/ in the middle.

Similar to these beings would be 11D elves, that are working on nature. Same as these Elementarians they are able to step into any dimension they wish and that makes them really way beyond our understanding of reality. It is even hard for me to describe those energies that I am receiving.

Their energy reminds me of deep deep dark ocean, somewhere so deep that they are the only ones that can go there. They are communicating on the same principle as whales – long distances frequencies – telepathy.

If you want to get into their energy, listen to some whale sounds on youtube such as this one: and go into meditation.

thank you for reading.

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