Soulful journey to Maui

I wanted everything out of this journey. And we totally got it.

In the middle of April we went to experience the Island of Maui for two weeks. The best way we possibly could. With all of our stuff packed in our backpacks and camping gear in one checked baggage.

The first night, after nerve wrecking waiting at the car rental, we got our little hybrid vehicle and went to find a parking spot to spend the night.

As we made our “beds” in the car and looked at the stars throughout high palm trees. I started recognizing the energy of Hawaii. “I have been her before.” I told Jan “I feel her.”

Rain and rain.

It took only one day later, after setting up a tent in a private camp in Kenae, when I broke down to confusion.

“This isn’t the way I was picturing Hawaii, what are we going to do here whole two weeks?” “What does this even mean? I was suppose to fall in love with it here.”

Because every ten minutes there was a big splash of rain, and then sun, and then rain and then sun. You can imagine.

I guess I had been brainwashed by Hollywood movies about how Hawaii looks like. I wanted to camp and have an adventure. I just didn’t expect it to look so poor at the north side of Maui. And also, we were in the middle of a jungle.


But now I understand, that it was simply a change to my vessel. To my consciousness. To false expectation. Maui was showing me her true self. She said:

“You are safe with me child. Embrace your journey.”

Falling in love with the jungle trees.


Trees so huge and shades of green I have never seen. Trees that proof your believe in the spirit of nature. Because it is jungle, everything is always wet and breathing. Leaves are happily growing.

As I rested my hand on the trunk of one of those trees, I had a vision of a blue male being travelling with many other beings, teaching them about trees. These exact trees I rested my hand on. I felt the heartbeat of mama Earth. I felt the heartbeat of the being I was back then. He was saying hello and smiling, because he just got a vision of him being me in this life.


There I knew and understood. I got out of my false expectation, I opened, and I got the real beauty. The Earth the way it is supposed to be. Living, honored, untouched, nurtured and celebrated. Hawaii is the leftover of Lemuria. Hawaii IS Lemuria.


Even after few days of riding the crazy yet beautiful Hana highway we found ourselves camping on the beach near the town Hana. I wasn’t able to rest my mind. Every few moments I would get up and check the level of the ocean. I was scared of the noise and power that comes from dark night high tides.

“Why are you scared of me my child?” asked the ocean. “You used to swim in me fearlessly.”

“I am scared because you are unpredictable. Your waves are crushing so loudly it scares me. You are strong, majestic and powerful. I am fragile one human.”

“You’ve learnt your lessons with me. I am majestic and powerful but as are you. it doesn’t mean that I am supposed to scare you. I am here to serve you. My waves come in intervals, you can predict them, just close your eyes and listen.”

Waianapanapa – sacred space.

After we arrived to this gorgeous state park, we finally got a good beach day. Well, at least a half of day.

A sacred black sand beach and black rocks everywhere.

It was a fate to walk down a wrong trail with no trespassing sign. We stepped over and continued walking all the way down until we found this.


“Wait a minute, this IS something. I feel it. This is a natural portal!”

In few seconds, on my right side, where an upper cave was located, I perceived humanoid beings. They felt like “natives” to other planets, not advanced yet. They were almost walking on their four limbs. Tall bluish people with big dark blue eyes. Maybe they were in a different dimension, but still in Hawaii. They could appear creepy to many of us, maybe even me, if I were home alone at night, but not there. I felt their gentle curious presence. ❤

The camping area was so cute and friendly. We did get some rainfall closer to the night, but the whole space felt so peaceful I started to didn’t care about the rain at all.

Haleakala National Park.

Sadly we had to leave after two nights because we didn’t have anymore days booked. So the next day we headed to National park Haleakala.

Did I say that I started to enjoy the rain? Well, I surely didn’t that particular morning. It was so far the worst rainfall since we got to Hawaii. It would not stop. We would park few yards before the entry for the park and just waited to see how the weather will turn out.

I can’t believe that we ALMOST turn over and run away from the park down to south of the island because of the rain. Something was deeply telling me to stay, so we did. Magically, not even an hour after we entered the park, the rain stopped.


We set up our tent in the wet grass again and headed for the main trail that goes up to majestic waterfalls.


It was spectacular. I holt my breath the very first moment I glanced over the size of those waterfalls. They were located in a circulative motion on a jungled grown hills that created spectacular view of wonderness.

Is this even real?

I don’t know why I instantly felt the charging energy flowing around me. It felt like some types of ships are able to take on the energy that Earth is creating throughout the flow of these hills and wonderfalls. Yep, it was a charging station. 🙂

We came down back to the campground and were ready for the bed. I laid down and I told Jan maybe for about twenty times that I am incredibly grateful that we stayed.

“Do you feel it?” I asked Jan “I feel SO peaceful.”

Hehe. This might sound like a hippie cliché but its true. I don’t know what those waterfalls did to us, but.. there was this crazy amount of peace inside of me. As I was lying there in my sleeping bag, gently holding Jan hand, I had no sense of negativity, no sense of worry. To this day, it was the most sense of peace I ever felt in my entire life.

During my night I had severe nightmares, which you might find weird after of what I just wrote. Nevertheless, I woke up after one of them, needing to go pee. I felt resistence to come out of the tent, because of the nightmare, but I embraced my fear.

I came out of the tent and there outside was the richest, clearest, the most beautiful night sky I have ever seen. I sent my love to all beings out there cruising in their ships. I sent love to Cassiopia constellation that was smiling back at me.

It was sort of confusing right? Feeling peace, nightmare, peace. But sometimes we need those nightmares, it is a form of release.

The next day we were sadly done with Hana Highway. It was unpredictably sad. When first couple of days you think how much you want to leave and then you fall in love with the jungle so quickly.

We did go to the other side of a Haleakala park and spent the night at a Hosmer Grove campground where many people were sleeping in their cars, because it is so cold up there. I wished I could say that the crater itself had more influence on me, but I can’t. It was really really cold (3C) and at one point I couldn’t even get out of car.

However it is still an amazing experience. Very much worth to check it out. 🙂


Arriving to the south part of the island was very much what I was expecting to look like, and it was the thing I wanted the first night while being confused

Finding my tribe at the Earth Day festival.

We checked out the Earth Day festival which was celebrated couple days later after the actual global Earth day, synced with the full moon. We arrived among first few people and joined the ritual of honoring the mother Earth which involved holding hands in a circle and appreciating everything that Gaia does for us and mostly the Hawai’ian islands.

As more people were arriving and different musicians were taking turn on the stage, singing about weed, veganism and organic living, I thought to myself: Oh my god, there are more people like me!

Everyone was dancing, wearing cotton clothing and having long hair while drinking coconuts and smoking weed. It might sounds just as normal reggae festival, but this felt little different. It was a community, family like tribe energy that surrounded everything and everyone that has been part of that event. I felt safe, I felt accepted and I felt like I belong.

We spent almost the entire day there, something we haven’t planned at all.

What a beautiful fucking day that was. I really wish everyone could experience something like this.

I’ve written over 1600 words already and I don’t want to stop because there was so much to describe to you in detailed energy that had an impact on me.

Maui thought me many things.

Maui thought me to take my sweet time with my paintings. Do not rush anything – she said. Time is an illusion.

Maui thought me that nature is here for me. She can listen, she can help.

Maui thought me that beautiful people are everywhere, but especially, the amount of beauty I carry within my heart, is the amount I will receive in the external world.

Maui thought me to be patient and to trust Jan the was I have never been able to do so before.

Maui gave me the most amount of peace within my current vessel I have ever had since the time I have been put into the system.

Love * Light


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