Visiting Earth as a Pleiadian

I posted this story on a different server over a year ago, but since I am starting my blog here, I would like to share it with you all here.

I love this past live regression so much. I came to me right after my first awakening flashbacks and deep trance at nights. It is so real, peaceful and true to my heart that every time I think about it, I make peace within my own vessel in a sense where I am grateful to experience the Earth this age, this time. It reminds me the reason why I got here in a sense which I am not able to describe in words.


This memory goes back to my life as a Pleiadian.

The flashback images I have in my mind are in that moment after landing on Earth. It was Egypt. The time when pyramids were being built.

After we landed I stood in that little beam ship, waiting for the door to be open. I wanted to go out first, because I was very excited and also I was the only girl on the board. I think we were group of five.

I remember the door being open. I stood forward on a little step and placed my right foot on the ground (sand). The excitement, the heat from the sun. The very different atmosphere and energy than I was used to.

One thing I remember clearly were my shoes. I remember they were white and very light, also I was wearing white clothes.

So I stood outside, I looked back at my crew and I gave them sign that everything feels fine. (This surprises me how brave I was to go first). Also I know I was very close with the captain. As I go with my memorizing I remember plenty of different beings walking around. There were many blue beings. Also there were spaceships parked everywhere. There were drones carrying those huge sand cubes. I don’t know the exact reason why my crew and I went there. I’m guessing it was simply about connection, sharing a wisdom and teaching ancient humans about plant medicine.

After we left Earth and were going back to Pleiades I remember thinking about how amazing the planet Earth is and considering once to incarnate here.

Another thing I remember is the preparation for this trip. I know we had to go through some physical training as pleiades are very different on energy level. If we haven‘t gone through this training we wouldn’t have been able to stand the earth atmosphere.

There was a little room with glass doors. There were some kind of lights in it that were producing Earth atmosphere. I would go in there for a couple of minutes, so my body would get used to it. This memory came to me very soon after my awakening. It’s almost like the first real considering of incarnating to Earth and also seeing that Earth would need help in a future and after everything what happened with Lemuria. I decided to come here. So here I am.

P.S. I tried to find pictures that would carry the energy similar to my perspective of how pyramids were build. Lot of them seemed to be really negative, conspiracy theory type of images. The feature picture shows a robotic alien which I’ve never seen in my vision, but the lady standing next to him in ancient greek dress is very profound. In my vision I do see the energy to be very peaceful, flowy and consistent of the whole process. It was really a collaboration of a LOT of civilizations from around the Galaxy. 

Pyramid & Orion

Pleiadians about Egypt:

Egypt has been a giant base camp, a portal, charging station for that time of Earth. You will hear many many versions of ancient Egypt and all of them are true, all of them are perspectives. The way you believe and feel intuitively that Egypt happened is the way it happened to you. Many of you have been there, either as other planetary being, as Nikola here, or directly incarnated to that place.

Me about Egypt:

Lately I have been seeing a massive connection to White House in Washington DC and Egyptian pyramids. It feels like that they are functioning together in a sense, once we reveal all secrets from White house and the man power will collapse, then we will be able to bring back the whole spectrum, knowledge and wisdom from Pyramids. Look at the illuminati eye in pyramids symbol and one dollar bill. There are connections. If illuminati are still in power in White house, pyramids will stay silent, they are trying to keep them silent. But don’t worry, pyramids want to speak up more than anything else, and they will, yes they are alive. The time has come. The pyramids were once an empire, they have been used for good and bad, the white house has been a new empire and it also has been used for good and mostly bad, so once it collapses, we will bring the light from sacred knowledge of ancient wisdom that has been hidden under layers of pyramids. Because that’s what we will choose as a collective to do. The pyramids are our guides and antennas to cosmos, to all star people and our brothers and sisters from other planets.

Love * Light


2 thoughts on “Visiting Earth as a Pleiadian”

  1. I too have had a past life experience in a dream. Before my awakening process begun I could hardly ever remember if I had even dreamed. I do dream very often now as this time I had asked my higher self and the source to reveal to me who I am and for it to be vivid and clear and that I remember any messages that is in store for me right before I went to sleep.. I was open and ready to know.. I remember vividly a few key things. I remember stand there in Egypt holding my hands up and out, kind of rotating them, my skin was bronzish almost golden brown. It blew me away and I was in awe kind of state. As this life I am white skinned. I could see pyramids in the close distance, and remember looking down and I had Sandels on and had a White Shendyt on with a golden waist band on it and there was a lady stand behind me, talking to me ( I did not see her) as she stayed behind me. Its like she could hear my thoughts, I was thinking in my consciousness “Is this really me”. To which she responded, “Yes this was you”. Once again I was blown away but also filled with joy and excitement. She began measuring my shoulders for something and all of a sudden she stopped and said “Oh your a Plejaren”. At this point I was in full awe. Then unfortunately my alarm went off and woke me up. This was my first full on past life experience. I have never heard of the word Plejaren before that time, although I have heard Pleiadians and of Pleiades before, but not Plejaren. I have been drawn to the Egyptian Eye and Pyramids since my awakening process has begun and always been drawn to the stars since I can remember and still am. I have always as well been drawn to the history of Egypt. Since then I haven’t had really any past life dreams unfortunately but I’m on a journey and I know that more are soon to come. I had to share after reading yours they are amazing to me.
    Thank you for your time, Namaste,
    With Much Love and Light,

    Rick N.


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