My future human self Ajka

Falling asleep the other night, completely at peace, accepting all of myself and the circumstances I created in my life and all of a sudden there she was, popped right in front of my “eye”.

It does not happen often, that I could hear something so clearly. My clairaudience is not that exercised yet, however I heard this: “Jรก jsem Ajka.” Which in Czech (my native tongue) means “I am Ajka”.

Oh my god. No words need to be said as many psychics know, communication with higher dimensional beings don’t happen in words but in exchange of the energy. I instantly knew who she was.

She is my future self.

She comes from the time when Earth is the part of galactic brotherhood and sisterhood. (Part of the galactic neighborhood).

In her time – the future of my timeline, she have physically found a piece of my art that I created here on Earth in my life. She said she was super excited about that. (So am I!)

Few things she had to say about the near future for humanity:

  • Plastic will get banned completely. Soon. The only way we will be still using plastic will be by recreating new things from the one we already have. (recycling)
  • We will be introduced to new source of power. (plasma)
  • We will be looking at Trump era as the last disaster era on Earth. The push for us wanting to wake up.(everything that is happening around it, not just him being in a power)
  • New system of politics. New way of leadership. (more harmonic, feminine way)
  • Wars in middle East will be vanishing soon by the love from people. LOVE ENDS WAR.
  • The understanding of the term “human” will be changed completely. Learning about our origin.
  • Note: Please take these with a tip of a iceberg meaning. There is so much more to say to all of them. This is not a ultimate truth, this is Ajka’s perspective and her wish to provide me these insights. 

Ajka is coming from Pleiades and future Earth humans. I see her in a community/group of 12, working together on different projects, travelling around the galaxy. Their house is their ship. They are family.

Ajka is showing me Earth going through a healing state from all that we have done to her. Earth humans are looking for different places to live beyond Earth. There are massive mother ships. There is a new star with three small planets that we will find a new home within. Earth will be forever our beloved home of our Ancestors.

This was a little different connection that I usually have with “Ancient” Pleiadians and my Yahyel self that is existing in the timeline now, but only in a different dimension.

Ajka is in the future timeline of Earth, the same continuous frequency of my frequency. She feels very human and very very much like me. She was pleased that I painted her. There are feline features to her as well, in a part of her DNA. She also has got some of her teeth with pointy tips like a cat.

Love * Light


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