How could I ever think that instagram will garante a success with my art? How could I ever limit my creativity into one social media platform?
As I have been going trough my spiritual awakening and shadow work I have been also trying to push my creative projects into certain direction. First I started with acryclic on canvas, then I was trying to write a book, then I went into watercolors while I was so heavily relating on Instagram to provide me with recognition of my art.

I have completely lost the point of creativity in past couple of years.

Creativity is supposed to flow through me like a water. Its form is cosmic holographic energy same as I am. It is not a business as we know in today’s world. It is sacred. Arts are extremely healing and extremely important, how could I ever wanted them to be a money making business?

Of course It will be beautiful once I manifest my dream creative full time living. For now, I am not pushing you, creativity. I am listening to you.

Last night I was reading back 5 chapters of a fantasy book that I started to write a year ago. After I finished reading I felt the call to continue. I felt the elven forest and a wish from the main character to be continued. I had to stop writing a year ago, because I found myself at a point, where in order for my character to grow, I need to take some personal life lessons first.

I have always loved journaling. I have always loved writing, I have never been a big bookworm but when I found book that I loved, I loved it from the bottom of my heart. It is something I will never stop doing. It is something that makes me feel human. That makes me feel like myself.

Obviously I have been writing the book in my native tongue. There is nothing harder than writing a fictional book in second language, but something changed in past year and in past few weeks. I am not that scared of judgement from others anymore.

I am just having this gigantic need to be raw and aunthetic and to create a beautiful virtual diary out of this blog. I love mysticism and channelings with extra dymensionals. But I also LOVE Arts and writing my beautiful book. I LOVE making jewelry. I lOVE nature. I have a big adventure plan for next year which I would LOVE to share with everyone. I just feel that If I am going to share myself I really need to share ALL of MYSELF and to be honest, being vulnerable can be challenging and scary in this world. But anyway I feel like I am strong enough to do that. I am in AWE by the flow I am letting to flow trough me right now.

I am also feeling the planetary consciousness shift today. Something has been happening lately with all of us. I feel like we are heading towards the light closer and closer each day.

Love you.

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