To quit

We are all so afraid of change, we are all so afraid to quit. To move on. To believe that things could be even better. We, as a society came to believe that when we quit it will get only worse. We have been programmed this way.

We only believe that something or someone will come to us, because they decided so, we forgot we are able to bring these things into our reality by ourselves.

I quit my job. My well-paid convenient job position as a massage therapist. Since last summer I have been hearing a call. An unapologetic, strong, confident call. The call to leave.

On the outside I seemed to be happy, apparently to many people at my workplace and that’s why it seemed to be such a surprising news to everybody. Why? Why? Why would you quit Nikola?

See the problem is that me saying my intuition has been calling me hardly to quit was not enough for many. I needed to explain myself in ways which still seemed not enough good reasons.

But the biggest reason I already know.

I couldn’t be authentic and raw. I could not be myself. My soul could not express itself there. I could not talk about my passions so others would not judge me. I could not talk about things that are so beyond the society norm.

I have always thought about massage therapy as a sacred practice, as a practice to loose your sense of physical self into the void of energetic holographic sphere, to leave the reality of your ego self for a moment and let go completely.

When people ask me during work interviews what do I hope to bring during my massage treatments, I am honestly not even able to describe the procedure in words. It is beyond my and yours understanding. Our lives are beyond our understanding.

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