Manifestation works.

Last article I posted was about quitting. Particularly about me quitting my job. I worked at Spa at giant hotel. I am not gonna put out any names.

Nevertheless I was planning on taking some time off. My fear of never finding any job again called me a LOT, I was able to ignore it.

My vision was this. I would either want to work part time in a small vegan business or a holistic boutique spa. I was very specific about that. I would not want to work in a busy restaurant as server or cook nor in another big hotel corporation.

Few days after quitting I browsed the internet. And what do I find.

Counter person/prep cook in NEW local vegan bakery and cafe AND Spa therapist in NEW holistic boutique spa.

Both of these places I had no idea they existed in our town.

Are you kidding me?!

I applied for both. I got answer from both. I got hired at the Spa and I would have been hired at the Cafe as well If I didn’t change my mind about it.

I wanted a work place where I can be raw and authentic. I totally got all of that. My co workers and the manager are the same woo-woo people talking about crystals and reiki healing. I am far beyond grateful.

Why do I write about this? Perhaps for my future self. Perhaps for you. Perhaps for all of us. Perhaps for my long distanced offsprings that will one day find my old blog.

Manifestation works. I did not really had to think about the spa settlement so much. I just said and thought to myself that If I am going to work at Spa again, It MUST be boutique and holistic.

See I think that the problem with people not achieving their goals is probably that they don’t even know what they really want.

Always think about the next step. Follow your joy, your good gut feeling. Your passion. It will lead you where you are supposed to be.


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