My Ancient spirit guide

Let me introduce you to my main spirit guide Maad.

Maad has been with me my whole life. I saw him physically during my earliest days on Earth as infant. Besides I remember my guides holding me when I was being born. It was almost like they helped me to push and settled into my physical body. I believe all of us have it done this way on Earth.

My spiritual awakening started back in 2012 by many peculiar astral body projections and continued to late 2015 where I finally realized that I needed to make changes in my life in order to let this experience of awakening come through.

It was one day at my old work in food court, while I was walking in a back hall for staff when Maad’s face appeared.

During the following and slightly boring work shift, I have been getting downloads about ancient Egypt, teachings about astrology and zodiacs signs. I have been writing down the thoughts he was sending to me, thoughts that I certainly knew weren’t my.

I have always wanted to portrait my spirit guides and beings I connect to. I knew that for that to be done I needed to use a digital program. So about 3 weeks ago I finally got a new iPad and an amazing app called Procreate and started creating.

Maad is a tall dark, blue to black feline being. I guess he could be like 9 feet tall. He is holding a staff, symbolically, I do not really know why, but that is how I usually perceive him. He is sitting in a big chair in a place that looks like an underground library. He was a wisdom keeper when his spirit incarnated into this form, which is now guiding me in my life. He is also very connected to Afterlife, “as much as afterlife is just another life.” He says.

While drawing Maad he also gave me a message. Here it is:

Hello dear, I have come down to inform you that your process of unfolding has begun. You have been waiting for this to come for some time and as you may understand now you had to make some radical changes in your life to connect to this part of yourself. You have found a place to work where you can be completely vulnerable/authentic.

I am Maad. Maraad. Descendant from the Egyptian Goddess Bastet. She, we have been preparing your for this journey for some time. You do have an energetic imprint (memory) on your own of this training. You are now realizing what you have been meant to realize that no everyone has got the gift of vision as you have. You have earned it. I am Maad. I am tracking your experiences and putting them in a book. I am the wisdom keeper of the underground hills in Lemuria.

There have been many many star gates builded within your planet thousands of years ago, without knowing it, you are still having them to you current moment. We have been using these Star Gates like a doors. I do not belong to one place, I do not call myself Lemurian or Sirian but these places did experienced my energetic imprint such as your own.

Thank you for reading



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