Prophecy message from Yahyel

After dreaming of roadtripping and finding spot to sleep in San Francisco, I found myself sitting on a front porch of our old house in Czech republic.

I was overlooking the mountains in North in a distance, and then all of sudden my vision opened up to 3D IMAX quality and there I knew something important was going to be shown to me.

In a distace 13 man-made towers appeared. There was a fire, red fire on each tower. Very real, very detailed sent message.

Then one of the flames was put out by a silver-white light and then another, another and many of them at a very short period of time.

From the towers – a big tall beings with horns made of stone appeared. They stood in a circle. Many of their towers (powers) have been destroyed. These being represented the iluminutati.

There was a little circular table in the middle, so the biggest iluminati being that has been left came and stood still by the table.

All of a sudden, this beautiful tall silver-white light lady stepped forward. They placed their hands on the table and they started to stare at each other.

I was looking at the lady- she was strong, her eyes were confident. She took a deep look on the iluminati being. The last one standing. The last one so naive thinking he can still flip the destiny back to old ways. The lady’s eyes would not move, she smiled a little bit. She knew she got it. There was a real feminine power in it. She was the mother, the sister, the daughter and the protector of all living in Gaia. She knew she got it. At one point she started to look like a kangaroo.

All of a sudden a bright light! Many many children started jumping out of the table. Appearing everywhere. The dark iluminati was gone and there was a children laughter, music playing (seriously the music was so real). The children were laughing, jumping and painting on the old stone ground with a white paint with their fingers.

This is where the dream ended and I woke up. This was a message from Yahyel and again I couldn’t believe how real and visually “high-quality” dream this was. I only wish I could be a digital animator to create this for everyone to see.

Back to those towers.
I din’t count them in the dream but I know there were 13 of them. One of them was a tower of Toronto, another one was the Washington monument, other ones I could not recognize.
I understood that at that moment in Decemeber 2018 when I had this dream, at least 3-5 towers were already down and I saw that the rest of them will fall down quickly.

They are the representation of dark power. The control system. The matrix. We all know what I mean by this.

The fact that the light lady turned into a kangaroo at one point was spot on when I reasearched the characterictics of the kangaroo spirit.

“The meaning of the kangaroo symbolizes getting out of bad situations. You have the power to create a safe and secure environment for your loved ones, and you certainly have the power to get out of unhealthy situations.” –

It is truly the power of love that will save us one day. And it will be through those children that are incarnated now, such as the Yahyel children but also by our own choices and spiritual work to our alignment with the spirit.

Love & Light

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