What is a starseed?

Let me explain it first in the simpliest way possible:

Starseed is a soul on a mission from a different star.

The term starseed became greatly popular over last few years. People started to recognize the term indigo and crystal children, which in fact might be starseeds.

The biggest misconseption about Starseed is when people think that starseed is a soul that lived on another planet beyond Earth. That is simply not true, because then everyone would be a starseed. We have all lived beyond Earth.

So to make it more clear I will give you my own example.

I have regressed my life on Pleiades and saw myself as a female traveler and nature researcher. During this life, me and my friends would visit Earth many times, during Ancient and other times (time traveler is a casual thing for Pleiadians)

I saw Earth in need of Love. I saw Earth lacking in Self-Love, in Empathy, in Sensitivity. I knew I could help somehow so I talked to the Light Council. They said I could incarnate to Earth with my Pleaidian light code.

This light code is now as I write this always present in my body. It never sleeps. This light code is in my DNA.

I brought the Pleiadian energy within my consciousness when I was born.

Now, the important thing is that It does not matter wheter I remembered all of this or not. The fact that I walk around with this invisible light code is great enough to raise the vibration on Earth. It influces other people, just by walking around them.

What does this starseed mission cost?

As far as I know it usually goes like this:

You choose a challenging family set ups or enviornment to be born in order to raise the vibration there.

You feel different your whole life. You are the weird kid. The sensitive one. You are the one that is always told no to be so sensitive. You truly feel alien. And you believe that your family is someone else. You feel like everyone around you is blind, living in some sort of game or prison of mind.

You believe that you came from stars and you believe that this is not the only life you have. You believe in fantastic creatures and beautiful alien planets. You are interested in scifi or fantasy content and you are called by nature and the night sky.

In school you feel like the information provided in history is wrong. You feel like science is lacking lots of knowledge and you feel like nobody is focusing on creativity and arts.

As you are growing up you feel like this system is so messed up that you cannot possibly fit in with others in regular jobs. You have a hard time dealing with living the 9-5 western life.

Your dream jobs are somewhere in arts, writing, creating new amazing things, bulding amazing things, outdoorsy activities and working with children or animals etc.

Now, this is a hard task. This isn’t easy. The fact for being called weird and sensitive is just heartbreaking.. or at least it was for me.

The biggest and the best advantage of all of this is that you SEE and you FEEL everything. You KNOW how this place could look like in a better light. You KNOW how we could make things better. You have seen it and you remember what benevolent planet feels like. The fact that you have been born with this light code gives you an amazing advantage of setting things right and creating new ideas and new ways of living.

Therefore you see many starseed connecting back to their families from stars in form or channeling, which they thansform into their full time jobs.

What to be aware of?

The ego of course! Whether we like it or not we have been born in human families with egos. Don’t let the ego make you think that you are better than everyone else because you are a starseed.

Don’t numb yourself! As a massage therapist I cannot tell you how many times I see women that are clearly starseeds completely addictited to plastic surgeries. The list goes on for this and we all know this. We keep numbing our senses with alcohol and drugs.
When I was a teenager I loved getting drunk because it was the only thing that let to me function ‘normally’. I finally didn’t feel that much and didn’t care about other people’s feelings as I do care normally. I didn’t feel their pain and their fears. I didn’t feel the heaviness on my shoulders and my own family patterns.

We are all waiting for the disclosure and this is basically what many light beings are doing. They choose to incarnate as humans to help the raise the vibration.

We can recognize each other on the street. Working with so many people as my clients, I can tell you directly just by the body language who came here with this light code and who didn’t.

As a very last thing here I also want to let you know dear reader, that you are not alone, you have never been and you never will be. You are a very brave soul that chose to do this. You have the support from the stars, from your spirit guides, instantly having your back and sending you love energy from the divine.

Love & Light

Wonderful Hippie

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