Ancient wisdom runs in our blood

The history and wisdom of this planet and its lands runs in our blood. With the avatars we are currently occupying we have an amazing advantage to tap into the roots of our ancestors and channel their human life experiences.

Everybody has got the access to this. Everybody is able to tap into the akashic records as well.

Lately I have been hearing a call from one of my very very old ancestor.

Without knowing who that was I kept on followed the call. I followed my excitement and ended up researching the history of Bohemia and the old land of Celts that it once has been.

I have came up to time around 1100. 

In a Bohemian Land (known as Czech republic now and my home land) once was a high priestess called Libuse. She was a complete mystic pagan goddess, she predicted the future of a majestic city called Prague.

She and her two sisters – Teta and Kazi were the last known pagan priestesses. Once they died (better say “were killed”) women wanted a revenge and they wanted to protect their traditions and sacredness. They stood up to men. They put together an army of women and they went to fight. This is known as the “girls war”. Unfortunately the women lost and then the Church took over the land, destroying the tradition of paganism and all its evidence.

Women that knew their powers and practiced the magic of nature were called devils and witches, burned at stake and we know how that goes later in medieval times.

Today I have channeled Libuse. She came through me without a hesitation. The experience with her was incredible. I felt the fear of women that “the men” have put over us over centuries. I felt my power. I was scrying in a mirror. Also crying. Looking in my eyes and seeing the pain my ancestors were living through centuries. I felt Libuse and her pain and the need of taking her power back. She encouraged me, empowered me. She said she looks over us, over the women of this time that wish to have her guidance.


The power we have as women in our wombs is OUTSTANDING. It is so powerful I dont think most of us can imagine. This power is exactly what they made us believe is devilish and a sin. However that is exactly the power we can heal this world with.

Before I came out with my intuitive channeled art I was seriously scared that I would get killed for this. I am not kidding, the fear was deeply rooted in my blood. However I came out and everything just feels so right. I love the support we give each other in my little community on Instagram and I truly see the divine feminine rising. Rise sister rise.

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