How to connect with your Spirit Guides? Part 1

As a spirit guide channeler, I am getting this question a LOT. “How can I hear my spirit guides? What should I do? How can I tell the difference between my own thoughts and my guides?”

This first article is going to be about how to ALIGN and live within the sense and connection of your higher self, because that is exactly WHERE you can find your spirit family.

We live in a society programmed by a system that is doing the exact opposite of the alignment from which we can connect to spirit. This society is based on materialism, hate, fear and anger. This society is trying to keep you addicted to chemicals in foods and so called “medicine”. This society and the system that is running the society does not want you to WAKE up and that is the bottom of all.

Being in connection with your spirit guides is not an occasional accessory. It’s a way of living. – Wonderful Hippie

Being in a connection with your guides, your higher self and guidance takes practice and time. If you are choosing to take this road in your life you need to remember that perhaps (and almost always) there are certain things that need to be done and changed.

I have chosen to take on this path because simply there was nothing left in this world that made sense anymore than to reach for the astral and higher planes. It was something I felt like I have always wanted to do and know.

The change that caused a massive transformation and shift into higher vibration when I went on vegan diet. All of a sudden I felt this massive connection to EVERYTHING. I looked at animals in a different way. I felt their spirits. I felt like I was truly getting closer to the cosmic energy and only because of one big reason and that is that I stopped consuming suffering and fear.

Now, I am not sure if that this is the way for everyone. I know many channelers and intuitives that do eat meat. Basically what I want to say about this is that you need to be mindful with your physical vessel first. Be mindful of what you are putting into it. Stop eating junk food and refine sugars (they are energetically the worst). Eat less out and cook more at home. Include more love and plants into your vessel. Set up loving intention into the food when you are cooking it or when you are chopping a salad. Intentions are powerful energy that will always manifest. Your body is the only one you will ever have in this lifetime and if you would like to connect to spirit guides you need to make it possible for them to communicate with you.

The system has been putting drugs into our foods for the exact reason. To keep us disconnected, to keep us ignorant and asleep.

It will change your life

If you are already interested in this topic of how to connect with your guides, you are most likely going through your spiritual awakening already. Many many many things shift for you naturally. Many people quit their jobs, some people move closer to nature, some end their relationships. This is all about realizing who you are and what you came here to do. Trust the process and trust your heart.

You will realize and see this life and reality from a different perspective. The things that used to do will no longer satisfy you. Then you will try to meditate and realize that you don’t know how to do meditate and how to hear your guides. So here it goes.

As I mentioned. You need to take care of yourself in a physical, emotional and spiritual level. You need to start practicing self love. You cannot loath yourself and be connecting to you guides. No, that just doesn’t work.

Shadow Work

Shadow work is the most challenging but the most rewarding process. Shadow work is all about looking at your own shadow. Its about acknowledging your own dark patterns and behavior that have been conditioned on you.

Everyone and every being in this universe has got a shadow self. It is only up to them if they will choose to act on it. Do you remember Lord of the rings? Do you remember what the ring would do if Gandalf took it? He would turn into his shadow. He has his shadow but he isn’t acting on it.

My biggest shadow that I have and still do work on is control and manipulation. I am learning about how to be receptive and creative in a very not-controlling way. I acknowledge and accept it but I am telling her that there is no way she would be driving the front seat of life for me. And it works. I look at myself and the person I used to be couple of years ago and see how much I changed. How much calmer I am right now. I often hear it from people: “You seem to be so calm.” And I think that is because working on your shadow will show you and give you the ability to be your best self.


I remember sitting in a meditation and waiting until someone or something showed up. I was scared as f*** because I would imagine them to just freakishly pop up and surprise me in a way I don’t want them. Let me remind you that your guides would NEVER do anything to you like this. All of these fears of seeing a bloody mary in a mirror or a scary aliens from horror movies are just IN YOUR HEAD. Its not real. No high dimensional being and especially your spirit family can NEVER overpower you. (We could go deeper about this in the lower astral where it gets tricky, but that’s whole another article)

All of these new “fantasy, zombie, dark magic, horror” tv shows are really messing up with our heads and our clairvoyance. They are really bad for our inner sight. Even for Clairaudiance. When I watch some episodes of some tv shows I often hear those characters voices in my head afterwards. This is blocking and closing my senses.

Visual art is a powerful tool for our psychic powers. Visual art in a form of a movie can be either very beneficial and activating or on the other hand very damaging (which is the case of most new movies) Watch your emotions when watching something.

So here it is. This is more of a introduction and tips before I will give you the exact tools of connecting. I am writing this first because it is very important to keep these things in mind. We cannot be connecting and fully communicating if we are not aligned with our higher selves.

Wonderful Hippie

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