How to connect with your spirit guides? Part 2

In last article I talked about how to prepare yourself for the connection to your spirit guides, specifically how to align yourself with your higher self in order to do so.

Today I am going to give you specific tips that you can apply to your daily life.


While dreaming, our body projects itself into Astral world. We then are able to make a communication with other astral travelers or in this case our own spirit guides or otherworldly beings that will lower their vibrations in order to meet us there.

Before falling asleep, simply ask your spirit guides to make a connection with you. You do not have to know who they are. Pay attention to details and symbology. Also keeping a dream journal can help you drastically.

It is normal to manifest any people or beings to come to you in your dreams. The dream world is a perfect example of how the astral plane works.

Here in our reality we have the law of attraction, we also have the term of “what is inside, is outside”. You do not have to beg your guides to show up. They will in their own way. The key is to ask them but somewhat do not expect anything, pay attentions to symbologies.

If you have difficulty to dream in general and to remember you dreams. Read the How to connect with your spirit guides Pt. 1. again.

I will give an example of my first integration of my own spirit guide that I have met through my dreams.

I have for a long time wanted to meet my guide, so the first time my Pleiadian guide appeared in my dream was when she was standing in a mirror looking at me. Next time I perceived her in a temple on Pleiades and we had the exact same tattooes on our arms, she grabbed me and we started to dance together.

These symbologies of reflection in a mirror and the exact same tattoos were presented to me as a sign from her saying “Hey, you are me!” This is the way some guides can talk to you.

The best technique that you can add to your dreams is Lucid dreaming and I can swear on it. Lucid dreaming is a state when you realize that you are in a dream. You consciously wake up in the astral world and you can basically go anywhere. You can say: alright, I am going to meet my guide now and you will appear where you need to.

There are many tips online on how you can lucid dream, although my favorite way of how to learn it is when you keep on getting being asked “Is this a dream?” Then you always have to answer out loud. “No its not.” You can take sticky papers and put it on walls around your house, put a screen saver on your phone with this question and always say out loud or to yourself “no this is not a dream” and the best is when you practice it with someone else as well. You should ask each other multiple times a day this question. Once you are in dream I can guarantee you that there will a person, or the question written somewhere and you WILL realize that it is indeed a dream. And that is the moment when you start lucid dreaming.

Note. Psychedelics are a different state. You are in the frequency of that plant or substance, therefore I do not think that is the best way to meet your guides. Even when doing Ayahuasca you are in a presence of the goddess frequency of Ayahuasca, not in your own presence.


There are many ways of meditations. Some down ass meditation teachers will tell you that you only have to sit in a lotus position, which is for so many people including myself so uncomfortable. I like to lie down on a couch or a bed to keep my back straight and supported.

Meditation could be achieved while exercising, yoga, cooking, taking a shower, taking a bath and yes, sex as well. The moment when I hear my guides the most is usually after yoga flow.

It is the moment when you focus on nothing but your breath. You do not necessary have to stop thinking, but you should not be control by your thoughts – let them pass and focus on your breath and your body.


How many times have you been told: Oh, it was just your imagination!

I am completely sick to hear this statement over and over. Why? Imagination is our greatest tool and ability that we as humans have. The system is trying so desperately to bring you down from imagination through our very limiting and stupidly organized school system.

And now I am going to explain how seeing something clairvoyantly happens for me.

Having a vision, or inner sigh has the some sensation as imagination with a little tweak. That tweak happens in the energy. I can sense light energy coming down through my crown chakra. Therefore I know that it is not “just my imagination” but that it is me being able “to see”.

I can also guarantee you that if I asked you: Imagine yourself as you would look as an alien. Taping purely into your imagination, you will most likely be able to describe the being you are in another life. The things and beings you naturally love will be your other experiences. Why? Because we are our biggest fans! The person that you love unconditionally the most in the entire world is yourself! I do not want you to take it from a bad perspective. There is nothing egoistic in this. In fact, those that think that they are better than other people are hating themselves inside the most.

You love yourself the most and you are having an amazing appreciation and amazement by your human and other experiences.

From this moment I encourage you to imagine. Every single day. Do not stop imagining. It is the way to exercise and to open your third eye.

Guided meditations

Last but not least are guided meditation as they are the best option for me, I connect with my guides while I have my eyes open and just walking and living my life. When I close them It usually tells my body that it’s a sleepy time and my mind travels to subsciousness. With guided meditation I can focus clearly on where is the narrator leading me.

Guided meditation are absolutely amazing to bring you closer to your guides.

Here is one that I have done few weeks ago.

Everyone’s connection to their guides will be a completely unique sensation. And I encourage you to be playful and to build your own ways of recognizing them.

For me personally, two of my guides usually stand behind me and they feel like ghosts. One is always on the right side and other on the left. There is also another guide that feels so much like what I imagine that Ancient Egypt would feel like and he is indeed an descendant from Egyptian goddess.

Your task is to first imagine and ask yourself: What would my guides feel like? And go from there. It is an energetic signature that you will try to recognize. No names are necessary.

Once you start recognizing them you will also start to “remember” that this is the feeling of cosmic connection that you felt as a child. It is something that has been reprogrammed throughout your school system to forget and to disconnect.

I hope this makes sense for you, let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!


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