Meet My Guides

I have 4 main guides that are always in my presence with me. I have been having them ever since I was born. Some of them have been more dominant in a certain area and time of my life. I am excited to tell you all about them in the following introduction.

Maad – Maraad

Meet my ancient feline male guide. Maad (or Maraad) came to my remembrance in 2016 while I was working at a little fast food shop. His face appeared in front of my eye while I was going out of a bathroom! Yes indeed your guides can come to you unexpectedly anytime heh.

The day I connected with him was when I was standing behind a counter at work, automatically writing information about ancient egypt and the meaning of zodiac signs. The channeling was something so familiar, yet strange, because I knew that this information didn’t come from my brain.

He is highly associated with my lower chakras. He has been there for me strongly throughout my teenage years. His presence and attitude is the one I carry towards the music. The deep passion and sensation of touch. The little shake of my heart when I hear the most amazing song for the first time.

He is quite a huge being. I keep seeing him in an underground library to the fact the he is an Akashic records and wisdom keeper.

My main guide Maraad.


Totien is a Pleiadian guide and absolute cosmic love. He has been my closed one during my life on Pleiades. He has decided to come down with me in this form. I can sense his presence and the way he”holds” of my heart with his hand. He has been an absolute catalyst and key role for me to remember who I am and to be on my mission.

With him I still carry deep love for Pleiades, for the humanoid appearance, art, passion and deep emotions.

As far as connecting with him I can sense that since he was my partner in my other incarnation its a bit different sensation than connecting to my other guides, which are part of my oversoul.

Totien is the one I am hugging.


Seldoma is my Arcturian guide. She is associated with my higher chakras and she also comes time to time to cleanse and balance my chakras. She is tall, blue being with three fingers. The color of blue she is carrying is almost like a navy blue but deeper.

I believe that Seldoma will play major role later in my life as I know that she will be present in my energy work with people.

Seldoma came strongly during my Reiki level 2. workshop when I was healing a plant I felt strong, huge – ghost like presence standing behind me.

Beside her name. Seldoma almost sounds like “Jsem doma” which in czech means “I am home”.

Seldoma and I.


The most interesting and spooky guide is my Salamander. He is a fire being that stands behind me always I believe that he accompanies me during astral travelling as well as a protector.

I have been told by my grandfather in my dreams that that is what he sees behind me when he meets me in the astral.

Salamader is an elemental being. I am Saggitarius Sun – fire element. I haven’t had many encouters with him but I do know that fire stands for intuition and he has joined me for this reason and for the intuitive nature in me that I have been born with.

Other guides

My other minor guides that came through once of twice or that are available but not always present as my main ones.

My blue lion Regulus. I named him after the Regulus star in constellation of Leo. He is a lion with human body covered with fur and lion head. He carries the strong presence of courage and warm support.

My red dragon Schlamiel. He is a literal dragon of medieval- maybe ancient times of Earth. He carries deep sense of wisdom and protection. We share a heart and he was my companion during my certain life on Earth. He built a strong bond that we carry over many other lifetimes.

Fairies. I have been in a presence of fairies as long as I can remember. They are a powerful energy that can cheer me up during difficult times. Seriously I don’t know what I would do without them.


Animal Spirit Guides:

I do include animal totems as spirit guides, because their role in our lives is pretty much the same. To guide us.

Owl. She is the winged cat of the night. She can see beyond the veil and beyond this reality. You can barely hear her when she flies. She is my main totem, I am thankful for the gifts of this amazing animal consciousness.

Tiger. Tiger is a power spirit animal for me. He is so far the guide that comes with encouragement and support the most often of all. Perhaps because we have tigers on Earth and I don’t get all emotional like when I meet my other cosmic guides.

Thanks for reading!


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