Planetary Traits of Starseeds


Pleiadian starseed are the most sensitive and emotional individuals. Pleiadians are associated with arts and healing works.

Pleiadians starseeds can incarnate into any human body, although they will feel connections to European cultures for the fact that Pleiadians brought their arts to Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. These types of arts would be paintings, sculpting, singing, playing musical instruments, acting and so on. John Lennon was Pleiadian.

Another cultures I greatly see their influence is India and Native Americans.

They greatly feel the need to heal this planet. If you ask them what would they wish the most in the entire world they would say: “the world peace” because that would make them happy the most. As this is the very reason why they came here.

As this society is greatly lacking empathy and Pleiadian starseeds are such empaths, they do not feel supported by this system and so they feel “heavy” in this reality.

They will find themselves sensitive on the physical level as well. Their skin might be very sensitive. They enjoy touch and massages. They think of sex as an expression of touch. When they fantasize about sex they will imagine the energetic closeness with another more than the action itself. And that is because 5D Pleiadians can achieve orgasm through skin touch due to their extremely sensitive skin.

They have an amazing ability to uplift, to bring a good light energy to collectives. That is why many of these individuals will find themselves in challenging collectives and feel alone. They are usually the black sheep of the family, the misunderstood, when in fact they are the beams of light.

They dream big and they know that everything is possible. Because they are so devoted and connected to their emotions they still feel their home to be somewhere else. They will never stop believing that there is another peaceful planet within this universe, a planet where they one day, may come back to.

Pleiadian starseed are very much heart centered beings that would never hurt a fly. They feel a great connections to animals and are most likely vegetarians/vegans, or they are very serious about saving the planet and going green. The Elves in Lord of the rings present the energy of Pleiadians very well.


The Sirians starseed I see in my life are individuals with great enjoyment of their physical vessel. In a sense I see these individuals to love native tribes traditions. They LOVE body paint, piercings and tattoos. Actually in fact, Sirian beings are very much connected to Africa, however you do not have to be African in order to be Sirian Starseed.

As Sirians came down to Earth and built up many cultures, Sirian starseeds will LOVE culture things such as old temples and castles. They will travel in order to get to know these cultures because they remember that their people used to help to design and build them. Sirians are naturally born teachers. They LOVE to teach as they did when they created this planet. The youtuber called Ralph Smart on his channel “Infinite Waters” is Sirian and plenty of my friends are – Hi!!

Sirian Starseeds will most likely be people that love to celebrate the phases of moon, reading tarot and all the “witchy” stuff will be their life.

Other than that, let’s get you closer to what I see.

Sirius has two planets. Sirius A and B.

The way I perceive Sirius A is a deep mystic blue color. I see temples built on and under water. I see humanoid beings of light to dark blue color. I also see tribes that look just as the beings from Avatar movie. I see great deal of wisdom and the fact that Earth is in a sense a “baby” of Sirius. Therefore I believe that Sirian Starseeds feel more at home on Earth than perhaps Pleiadians.

In Sirius B I feel the atmosphere to be something completely different. I feel like you can almost levitate in space, it almost feels like dream full of water. There are endless types and breeds of water beings.

Your love for water beings can show your Sirian Starseed traits, nevertheless water is an element on many many planets and your love for this element doesn’t have to come from lives on Sirius but for example from Atlantis or elsewhere. The water love I see from Sirius is the “mystically-deep-blue-wisdom-ish-throat-chakra-oriented”energy.


When It comes to Orion I always had a bit of a dislike to this constellation and that is because I feel like something bad has happened to me there.

Orion has lived through some massive wars. Some people say war between spirituality and ego. Whoever won this war I don’t know, but I do remember that those times were pretty horrible and I must have been very sensitive to remember these times this way.

Many Orions will then to incarnate here to clear the Karma of this intense disagreement they once had, whether it is against ego or against spirituality.

The way I see Orions are usually people more based in physical evidence and science. I feel that some of them actually feel quite confident in this reality. I believe they might be in a complete awe of some of the nature here because I believe that civilizations on Orion must have lived through massive futuristic cities with no nature around.

On the other hand, the more spiritual based Orions are beings of great spiritual knowledge, they LOVE to “study” spirituality and they usually end up covered up with piles of books on the Lost civilizations or being nerdy about the Star Wars. They will feel a great connection to our scifi culture and movies. They will be able to channel the technology that was used during Orion Wars and that is perhaps how all those futuristic scifi movies are being made.

They are familiar with the disconnection between people and civilization therefore I feel like they will be able to handle more challenging situations in their lives better.

I believe that Orions are such a widely spread type of consciousness that their mission on Earth may very from many, such as from politics, climate change activist to tarot card readers and psychics. I believe their job on Earth as Starseed is to serve their agendas and prevent Earth to have the similar ending to the wars on Lyra. Star Wars series present the energy of Orion Wars to us.


Arcturian Starseeds are beings of a great deal of intuition. They will be naturally drawn to psychic works. They will feel uncomfortable in human body and on Earth gravitation.

Arcturians have the most advanced technology in this galaxy. Their technology to us would be undistinguishable from magic. This technology is not based on our technology, it is based on the consciousness. Therefore Arcturian Starseed will understand the human consciousness and how this reality perceived by our consciousness works.

For example Albert Einstein was Arcturian or Dr. Joe Dispenza that just recently released the book called “Becoming Supernatural” is Arcturian.

Arcturian Starseeds will usually be sort of simple looking and dress simply. I mean simple because they believe and know that the beauty is shining from within. They LOVE speeches. They LOVE TedTalks. They love new ideas and innovations as they feel like they are witnessing the human mind working on its best as they were the ones that helped to create it.

Arcturians are associated with Arcturian corridor which is the one we are born through and leave through to the afterlife.


Same as Pleadians, Sirians and Orions. Andromedas have been refugees from the Lyran wars. Instead of staying in Milky Way, they escaped to Andromeda galaxy.

When I tap into the Andromeda I see a civilization so beautiful It makes me emotional. These beings that escaped to another galaxy and started from a complete zero were able to handle things and learn so fast its unbelievable. I see they might have had some help from bird beings now but beside of that, they have built up everything “by hands”.

Their technology IS coming from a similar place of ours. However they are so advanced now that our technology is ancient to them. Therefore Starseeds from Andromeda will understand our technology without a problem and they might even feel like we are still so unadvanced. They will love to fix and create new technologies that can help us, they are inventors. Nikola Tesla was Andromedan.

They feel like we are not really understanding this reality and they might actually feel the most “alien” to all Starseeds as there seems to be less connections to Earth from Andromeda than from another places around Milky Way galaxy. Therefore there might come helpers in a form of imaginary friends for children from Andromeda in order for them to feel more home in this reality.

Nevertheless Andromedans are absolutely stunning, loving beings. They are very very smart in this reality and their way of innovating is outstanding.

If you are more interested in their energy I really love the movie “Valerian”. There are tall blue beings that represent the Andromedan consciousness so well.


Last but not least of this very general description is Lyra.

Lyra was a planet of the humanoid origin. Many people I work with feel a great connection to Lyra. I believe that Starseed that have the Lyra connection are feeling the great loss of the Lyra planet as it no longer exist.

Lyra used to be the centre of this galaxy. There used to be many types of feline beings, bird beings, humanoid beings and other ones as well.

When It comes to Lyran LION Beings that are well known for residing in Lyra, are still living there and that is because I believe that they live inside of the Lyra STAR itself.

I feel the majestic-ness and cat like pride in Lyran starseed. I feel their golden sparkly temples and the worship of cats that you can see in Egypt as well. I believe that they ALL know and remember that cats are actually the elders.

As I am connecting to this right now I am seeing all of these beings escaping to another stars during Lyran Wars, so therefore Lyran Starseeds might still feel like being “without home”. Depends on which phase of their Lyran life they left their bodies. Some of these starseed will feel connection to Lyra but somehow to another planet as well. This connection will feel like “migration”, as it is the feeling of migration they recognize from the Lyran life when they were moving and escaping to another star system.

Their energy is just something sooooo ancient. Lyrans live for thousands of years, same as beings from another star systems but when It comes to Lyrans I feel like they are highly interested into times far back from ages before Earth was being born. They will feel like they are older than they actually are. They will feel like they are indeed thousands of years old. They will be quite comfortable in their physical bodies as Lyra used to be physical as well. They will come out as very open minded people, confident with their opinions and sexuality. They will love vibrations and sounds. They have a calm cat-like patience to them. They love touch.

Oh and great lion being starseed? All I can think of now is the lead singer of Imagine Dragons!

Love & Light


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