Astral Projection Stories

As long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the word “Astral.”

I didn’t know It was, but I desperately wanted to find out.

First time I have read about the astral was in a comic book called W.I.T.C.H.

They talked about the Astral Twin or a doppelgänger produced by magic. A person that looks exactly like you in the waking world. Of course this was based on the fantasy World created in the comic book. That was the time I recognized that the word means something to me and I need to find out. 

Second time I have heard about the Astral in a czech movie where they said that Prague is the veil between our and the Astral world.

I remember the day when me and my partner talked about the Astral for a first time, we were wondering if when you smoke cannabis you get to see the Astral. 

Later I sort of discovered the Astral Projection and I got to learn more from a friend of mine that has been experimenting to get to the Astral to meet her recently passed grandmother there.

But everything changed in 2012.

We freshly moved to Canada and I was going through some heavy anxiety, tiredness. 

I was guided by the Astral projection again. I wondered again. So I looked it up. I basically just read about it. I read about how it’s done, what it is and how it can usually happen for the first time. 

I read stories in Czech about it and I simply let it go, I didn’t have more desires to try it, because I believed that if I was going to see myself lying in a bed and me flying above it, I would go insane. 

At that time I had my first job in Canada and it was really frustrating and completely challenging. One night I drunk a bottle of wine and I was going go to bed. However I couldn’t fall asleep out of anxiety and the inability to turn off my thinking brain. 

Then I happened to find myself in the state in between of being awake and asleep and I felt my astral body lifting up out of my physical body. I moved quickly to shake it out. 

I was scared completely, not knowing what would happen next because I have read many paranoiac stories of seeing demons while Astral travelling and so on. So I contacted a man that was writing a spiritual blog. He suggested me not to resent it, to let it happen and once It happens, he said, think of some nature – mountains, forests, etc.

So there It was, I knew I didn’t have to be scared anymore. I knew I would be okay. 

Nevertheless one important thing that the man didn’t mention was that we all Astral Project every single night. 

Once we fall asleep, our Astral body separates from the Physical. Our physical body falls into sleep to rest and the Astral body goes on wandering around the universe. The Astral body also connects with the super consciousness – higher self, and subconsciousness, that is why we have dreams and that is how we can make connection with otherworldly beings during our dreams. 

So back to my story.

I went to bed the next day. 

Same feelings and sensations occurred.

The vibrations, the noise of my nerves right before I project and then It happened.

I flew out. 

My body was flying above my bed. There was no gravitation, no time. 

I looked down on my bed and saw myself lying in there and….. It felt SO natural. Like something I have done before. And there I knew, that DEATH is definitely not the END.

This was all happening around the time of the end of Maya’s calendar. December 2012. 

I have been practicing Astral Projections since then. Most oftenly during the morning times. When I wake up too soon and then fall asleep again. I am able to hold my consciousness conscious so I can stay within the Astral Word consciously. Nevertheless It sometimes happens that I fall asleep in that state again, because I am too tired and just continue to have lucid dreams. 

The most amazing one.

The most amazing Astral Projection probably happened when I was living in an apartment near the beach in Vancouver. 

I was taking a nap on a couch, the sun was almost setting and golden rays were shining through the window. 

By that time I already learnt few new things about the A.P.

  1. Just by thinking about your physical body, you get back.
  2. Some people claim to see a silver cord between your astral and physical body, although I have never seen it.
  3. I have seen my astral body to be blueish
  4. You can travel anywhere in the cosmos, there are absolutely no limitations on space or time.
  5. You will only see and project things or beings based on your current state in the waking world.
  6. The Astral is here to teach you, it should not be a form of escapism.

So as I projected I thought to myself: “Okay, great, I want to see the whole milky way galaxy!”

*Teleporting movement*

I appeared in a floating space, in cosmos and I had an incredibly beautiful Milky Way galaxy right in front of me.

I literally jumped, it that what I can say, in my Astral body, screaming: Wooooho!

I saw the perfect shape of our galaxy right in front of me. Something so real and beautiful, alive, it was breathing. I was like a astronaut without the space suit, I was awake and conscious, floating in space, looking at the whole Milky Way Galaxy holy shit!

Next thought was: Okay, I want to go back to my body now.

So I started to move, I saw our solar system, I saw Earth, I was getting closer and closer. I saw perfectly the land of North America. I was getting closer to the west coast, seeing the mountains, and… as quick as my thought about my physical body came to me – I was back. Opening my eyes, lying on the same couch and sun was sinking more and more into the horizon. 

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