“Born in small town in Czech republic, Nikola always knew that her home was up there in stars or in forest among elves.
She has been daydreaming, connecting and talking to her star family ever since she stepped into this existence of human being.
As she was growing up, letting herself to be drawn down by this reality, she although, never stopped believing that there is more to everything that we happen to see.
It was only in 2015 in Vancouver, Canada, after she quit both her jobs in hospitality industry and playing in a punk rock band, when her full blown spiritual awakening happened. Since then she has been painting and channeling her heart out, creating sacred visuals and sharing her ET experiences on social media and manifesting a successful business as a very unusual intuitive artist.”

I have been drawing ever since I learnt how to hold a pencil. Once someone said that the thing you are supposed to do, the thing that is your true purpose might be, is the most natural and easy thing you have already been doing and understanding since childhood.

Wonderful Hippie is exactly that. I am painting my dreams, the way I perceive certain extra dimensional beings and I let my hand paint out of enormous passion for manifesting visuals into 2D artwork.

Channeled artwork is nothing new, it IS the most natural way of creating. Tapping into the collective energy, downloading information from the Akashic records for others feels so very normal, yet it is something nobody really talks about.

Being an intuitive is again, something I have never planned on, but was just always very interested as a child. I used to wonder how psychics are doing their work.

And yet, It took 23 years for me to say stop to the old system, started searching for answers outside of me first, which eventually lead me to connect, meditate and practice my intuition as a muscle.

Today, I have created over 50 portraits for clients all around the world and I am so very honoured and humbled to be able to do this work.

Creating my own Oracle Deck and Guided Meditation is again coming from my excitement and passionate creativity where I connect with my inner child, fantastical imagination and beyond, into the layers of other dimensions.

I do not know where all of this will take me, but I am sure that there is something huge awaiting and I cannot wait to see the way we, as humanity, will evolve, expand and become a part of the intergalactic neighbourhood.

Nikola Amishiana