Wonderful Hippie is my world of intergalactic magic. It came from my deep believe in otherworldy beings and the existance of peaceful planets in this universe that my soul remembers and loves on levels that are not visible in this 3D reality.

As this planet is moving towards the 5D and the feeling based, instead of thinking based planet, many of us, souls from different places, have decided to incarnate in this time and place to help to raise the vibration of the humanity.

For this, I am here to channel and bring the divine activation information through visual arts and other forms of creative projects.

I have channeled and painted spirit guides for dozens of clients and I am excited to continue to work more with the spirit and to connect and help humans to see themselves the way their soul shines through these connections.

Each and every one of us is a complete miracle, strong, powerful loving being. If we weren’t, we would not be able to be here on Earth and still have the ability to love one another.