Prophecy message from Yahyel

After dreaming of roadtripping and finding spot to sleep in San Francisco, I found myself sitting on a front porch of our old house in Czech republic. I was overlooking the mountains in North in a distance, and then all of sudden my vision opened up to 3D IMAX quality and there I knew something… Continue reading Prophecy message from Yahyel


Visiting Earth as a Pleiadian

I posted this story on a different server over a year ago, but since I am starting my blog here, I would like to share it with you all here. I love this past live regression so much. I came to me right after my first awakening flashbacks and deep trance at nights. It is… Continue reading Visiting Earth as a Pleiadian


Soulful journey to Maui

I wanted everything out of this journey. And we totally got it. In the middle of April we went to experience the Island of Maui for two weeks. The best way we possibly could. With all of our stuff packed in our backpacks and camping gear in one checked baggage. The first night, after nerve… Continue reading Soulful journey to Maui


My tragic past life love story

Killed because I loved. That would be the best way I could describe this particular incarnation. It has been almost one year ago since I got an extremely vivid dream about one of my past lives. I didn't just see it. I felt it. I felt energies and characters of each person. I felt my… Continue reading My tragic past life love story