What is a starseed?

What is a starseed?

Let me explain it first in the simpliest way possible: Starseed is a soul on a mission from a different star. The term starseed became greatly popular over last few years. People started to recognize the term indigo and crystal children, which in fact might be starseeds. The biggest misconseption about Starseed is when people [...]

Manifestation works.

Last article I posted was about quitting. Particularly about me quitting my job. I worked at Spa at giant hotel. I am not gonna put out any names. Nevertheless I was planning on taking some time off. My fear of never finding any job again called me a LOT, I was able to ignore it. [...]

To quit

We are all so afraid of change, we are all so afraid to quit. To move on. To believe that things could be even better. We, as a society came to believe that when we quit it will get only worse. We have been programmed this way. We only believe that something or someone will [...]


How could I ever think that instagram will garante a success with my art? How could I ever limit my creativity into one social media platform? As I have been going trough my spiritual awakening and shadow work I have been also trying to push my creative projects into certain direction. First I started with [...]