Channeled Spirit Guide Portrait

I truly believe that one the reasons I have been put on Earth, is to connect people’s hearts back to their spirit families for so many of us feel so alone down here on Earth.
For you to recognize and feel the energy that is shining through the painting might feel like coming home, recognizing a friend, or seeing and understanding your own being.

If you would like to commission a portrait, I am more than happy to work with you.

Your spirit guides have been with you ever since you incarnated in your little baby body. They are always present in the moment of now and the spiritual net of all there is. You are them and they are you.

Each and every channeling of client’s guide is completely synchronized and divine experience. If you are ready to meet your spiritual family, I am here to help you.

I specify myself as a clairvoyant empath. I pick on an energy that is coming from your side and from you full name. I depict the vision of a being that will show up to me. Not always there is a message but more of my own description of what I feel, what I have noticed about your being, where did they appear, how did they moved, which collective consciousness are they from and so on.

Everyone on this planet has a divine guidance of many individual beings that we call our spirit guides. These beings appear to me in a form they have chosen to take on for you during your lifetime down here on Earth. It is a form that they have “lived through”. Most often I channel beings from specific constellations in Milky Way, Lemuria, Atlantis, earlier Ancient Earth and the Elemental Realm.

How does it work?

We communicate via email. Since for a spirit guides portrait I am channeling your higher self and oversoul, all I need is from you is your conscious agreement to do this and your full name.

For more information please read my FAQ

What will you receive?

Every channeled spirit guide portrait comes with a message, where I describe your guide the way it came through, the way it felt like, moved like and so on. Most often I can tell from which civilization or star they came from, if not I describe to my beat ability what I channeled as the space/time of their “residence”. Sometimes there is a message directly from them, if they are talkative, sometimes they know that the portrait itself is very activating and speaks for itself.

Your guides know you the best, therefore I am not trying to push them into telling me any more information, if they do not wish to do so, but step aside them and witness their appearance manifesting as I am drawing them.

You will get two high resolution digital JPEGs. One with signature, that you can use on your social media and one without it for your personal use.

How to order

To order a portrait I currently charge $150 USD you can press the button below that will lead you to a Paypal page.

Once your payment comes through I will follow up with you through email! (the email that you use for your paypal account 🙂 )

Spirit Guide

Channeled Spirit Guide portrait from Wonderful Hippie