Earth Path Reading

In this Earth Path reading I am following The Royal Card spread that involves these main questions:

  • The Seed: Your souls reason for incarnation. Where did your soul come from?

  • The Womb: Early stages of your life. What have you been preparing yourself for?

  • The Path: Obstacles you overcame > New gained perspective > Gift that you unlocked > Your calling > What needs to follow

  • Holy Trinity: The Gifts, Mission of your soul incarnation

  • The High purpose: How can you be in service to your own expansion and the awakening of Earth?

This is a reading that goes quite deep. It is meant for those that wish to get to know their mission and divine purpose. For those that actively work on themselves and need a clearer understanding of their Earth Path.

This reading is kind of like astrological chart, but completely intuitively downloaded.

Unlike the Starseed Reading, where the topics come in based on the client’s questions, this reading is set in stone. Therefore it will work well for someone that does not know what to ask about in a reading. 

The spread is created in a way that brings out the understanding of your life incarnation from the perspective of your higher self. 

You will receive a written reading with no less than 500 words (it is usually around 3 word pages) via email.

Readings are usually done within 1 week from ordering.

Once you process the payment via Paypal down below, I will follow up with you within 72 hours.

xoxo Nikola

Earth Path Reading

Earth Path Reading from Wonderful Hippie