How does channeling work?

Channeling might be one the most natural things we all do all the time. However over the centuries as humanity has been brought down from their connection from spirit, we were programmed and are still being programmed to this day to forget about it.

Channeling works the way when one is connected to their higher self without the attachment to their ego. One must become neutral, without judgement perceive the information that is one given. We see many people naturally doing that all the time, especially musicians, dancers, artists and actors. All form of divine arts is channeled. Many times there are talented people that have no idea how they gift works, because they are not able to describe it in a logic way.

What kind of psychic are you?

I would specify myself as a clairvoyant empath.

Who are spirit guides?

Spirit guides are individual spirits that are part of your oversoul. In common words, they are your spirit family. Before you were born, few of them have decided to guide and help you throughout your life. They are the voice in the back of your head telling you that you should or should not do something. They are individuals but also you are all together one consciousness.

Your spirit guides appear to you in a form they incarnated in a particular life in a particular place/planet (ex. Pleiadian, Arcturian, Ancient Egyptian). They can also be your own past/future incarnations, elemental beings, angelic beings or beloved deceased relatives.

Do I have any spirit guides?

Yes, everyone has them.

What do I need to do in order for you to connect with them?

Nothing complicated. You will provide me your full name and date of birth. I will tap into your enegy and whoever will come thru, I will portrait.

What If my guide will not show up for you?

It sometime happens that your guide might not want to show up. They are few reasons for that. They either want to talk to you directly or it is not the right time yet.

What kind of program do you use?

I use Digital Poser App and Procreate App, drawing digitally on Ipad Pro.

How will I receive my portrait?

I will send you two high resolution JPEG files. One with a signature and one without. You are allowed to use the JPEG file with signature on social media.