The Soul Portrait not only activates the remembrance of your soul expression but also keeps on reminding you your soul mission and essence of your beautiful energy.

Wonderful Hippie

✧ Channeled Soul Portrait is a visual translation of energy of your higher self which you are an extension of.

 ✧ Through my clairvoyance and artistic skill, I bring you down a visual representation of high vibration energy of your soul expression.

​ ✧ I always include light codes that correspond with the activation of what wants to come through for you to implement more into your life.

 ✧ As alien as I have always felt, I know that a reading translated into art can be read and felt no matter the language we speak and that is why I have decided to bring this very powerful offering to others.

 ✧ In a soul portrait, every client is a completely unique experience, therefore I cannot know what comes through until I start working and channeling on it.

 ✧ Although most of what comes through is a set of otherworldly/ or ancient aspects that manifest into my vision of your avatar. 

 ✧ Therefore some might receive a portrait of a humanoid being that looks very much like them, some might receive of a portrait of, for example, an unicorn, as that this the energy they came to work with in this incarnation.

 ✧ I hope all of this makes sense, shall you have any more questions, please contact me in the contact form in the menu navigation. 

What you will receive:
 ✧ 2 high dimensional digital files JPEG, (one with signature/watermark, one without) that you can download via filemail.
​ ✧ printed matte poster (16 x 20 inches of the portrait). You will receive your poster rolled in tube within 2 weeks after your my email with digital files.

What I will need from you:
 ✧ Your full name
 ✧ Your recent picture where I can see your eyes.
 ✧ And letting me know why you have decided to get your soul portrait. 

Time to finish the portrait takes 1 to 4 weeks, depending on how many orders I have. 

You can fill up the form below and proceed your payment. Once your payment comes through I will follow up with you via email within 72 hours!

Your investment:
✧ 250 Euro

Soul Portrait

Soul Portrait from Wonderful Hippie