Channeled Soul Portrait

Every living human on Earth is a complete miracle. We are powerful, loving and energetically unbreakable, our highest potential is rising as we rise in this time of awakening of who we really are.

It is time to see ourselves through the lense of God.

Soul Portrait is a channeled portrait of your human potential with many different elements and aspects.

Such as the spirit guide portrait, soul portrait will be very unique for everyone. There can be elements, spirit animals, types of plants, planets, clothing, your skin color.

Through Soul Portrait I am channeling the essence of your soul that is here with its highest potential. It is the way you could see yourself from your higher aspects.

What will you receive?

For this portrait I am always including Activation Light Codes that will naturally correspond with the painting and activate your highest potential within you.

I am also including a message describing all that came through and explanation of elements included in your painting.

You will get two high resolution digital JPEGs. One with signature, that you can use on your social media and one without it for your personal use.

How does it work?

For Soul Portrait I need:

One of your recent photo. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, therefore I can clearly look into your potential that way.

Full name

And letting me know little bit about yourself.

To order a portrait I currently charge $150 USD you can press the button below that will lead you to a Paypal page.

Once your payment comes through I will follow up with you through email! (the email that you use for your paypal account ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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Soul Portrait

Soul Portrait by Wonderful Hippie.