Starseed Readings

Starseed Readings are for those that look for a guidance on their journey from someone that can provide in depth intuitive/ clairvoyant galactic reading.

For those that wish to understand their role on Earth better and also for those that look for general intuitive guidance on different aspects in their everyday life.

During readings I will connect with your higher self, provide you insights on starseed topics such as:

  • Your Earthly role
  • Your Star Gifts
  • Your Starseed Origins
  • Your Spirit Guides

In these readings I am respecting the spirit, your and mine higher self so I will provide the information that is asked to be provided.

My role on this Earth is to genially empower and activate others therefore the main energy of this reading will be about bringing down for you to see your gifts and soul mission – simply your potential. 

Things that can possibly come through are also:

  • Possible future timelines
  • Shadow work
  • “Past” life attachments
  • Distant Reiki attunments

Beside these I love to work with interpreting dreams, If you want to add and share anything dream related, I will be pleased to help and interpret your dreams for you. 

Every reading has at least 500 words. They are written in Word and mailed to you within a week, depending on how busy I am. Everything is communicated via email.

Once you process the payment via Paypal down below, I will follow up with you within 72 hours. 

If there is any problem with the process or have more questions. You can use the contact form or DM on Instagram

Much love 💗


Starseed Reading from Wonderful Hippie

Written intuitive reading.