Nikola’s work resonates to my core and I am filled with gratitude to glimpse one more facet of my incarnation, as perceived by another being of couscious light. Thank you for the work you do, Nikola – thank you, for this important work in bringing out the best in us. I am wholly grateful.


I have happy truth tears! Your work and channeling gives me chills in an amazing soul knowing way! I program my energy to radiate rainbow rays and I was “told” that people who could read energy would see my wings- I LOVE my underwater and air wings!! OMAZING 🕉💓🙏


I had originally found Wonderful Hippie randomly on Instagram, and i saw that she was having a contest for a discounted spirit guide painting. Right away this caught my attention (as I love the spirit world and love art) and entered. I got my spirit guide portrait and was blown away at how much it resonated with me. She kept me updated on the progress and was tremendously friendly. I plan on getting more spirit guide portraits done for my self as well as my friends and family. I love her work and cant wait to see what she offers down the road!!! thank you!!


The beauty and magic of your art is the kind that sinks deep down into the heart and soul, touches a place I never knew existed and leaves me in awe and wonder of all we are connected to beyond this world. 


I truly enjoyed working with you, and am grateful I found you on Instagram. I adore the painting you created for me and felt a real connection. A few days after receiving it and reading about my guide, I was awoken by a gentle voice saying my name. I believe it was her letting me know she is here. Her message through you spoke to me as well. I have never attempted to find my guide, and I really appreciate the time and energy you gave to seek her out on my behalf. Your work is beautiful. Thank you!


Nikola was so wonderful to work with!She did a portrait for both my sister and I. I was so amazed by Nikola’s artistry and the message she received. I definitely resonate with it and acknowledge my guide daily!