Oh I cannot describe how amazed I am! I love it so much. I even saw a flash of this painting two nights ago while falling asleep (just with slight differences and from a zoomed out perspective)! Wow. The geometry in my hands is even similar to some I drew just days ago. 

The holographic sacred geometry you described feels so right and can explain so much about how I feel drawn to experimenting with this. The death card feels spot on too, I’ve just been itching for an adventure! And the Sirius and Yahyel connections were so interesting to hear about! 

These colours are perfect and this beautiful painting just feels so right. I really cannot thank you enough for the clarity and joy that this brings me. So very special. 


When I first met Nikola Machova online I had a very clear feeling that our artistic collaboration will be amazing and harmonies.
I trusted her from the first moment by seeing and feeling her unique, artistic talent, her high sensitivity, her creative skills and her open, compatible heart.

Nikola Machova is an amazing visual artist. Through her art she inspires the world with her beautiful, atmospheric creations and with her deep spiritual knowledge.

I had a wonderful experience by our artistic collaboration! Nikola felt my song and made an amazing visual art video for it, which serves and supports my music and lyrics as well as my soul in a most deep and sensitive way. Nikola understood very fast what the song needs, shared with me every creative step in the creative process, was open to my opinions and invest pure love and effort to achieve a magical inspiration and the results were truly successful!

I love this video! I’m very grateful and proud of it!
I loved the collaborative work with Nikola and I feel that it was the first but definitely not the last collaboration with her ❤️

Thanks to this positive artistic experience with Nikola Machova, I feel and know deep in my heart that it is a wonderful beginning of a new, golden age where women of art collaborate, support and help one another! ❤️🙏

Raphaela Gilla


“It was a pleasure to work with Nikola. The painting is absolutely beautiful, and her reading was very complete. I got to know more about my soul’s journey and the different connections I have. It was a very powerful experience!” 


@wonderfulhippie did an amazing job at intuitively channeling my soul portrait. She hit the mark on so many things and I can’t tell her enough how much I appreciate her work and content! She makes me feel so much less alone! And the soul portrait really gave me good insight into my own mind and thoughts, gave me messages and signs that I needed to hear and for that I cannot thank her enough. I recommend a soul portrait if you are going down the spiritual path and need a little pick me up or need to hear a message from the other side.


“Nikola was an exquisite channel. She painted exactly what my soul was in need of. I lost myself after being pregnant and becoming a mother so I invested in a painting with the intention of it helping me settle into my essence again. After I purchased it, I started getting downloads and it immediately activated my life and sent me through many changes. And just days after receiving the painting, I was able to start becoming aware of who I am again. My soul Portrait reminded me of who I am and that’s exactly what I needed. Something very special and close to my heart, Nikola channeled and painted in my portrait.  It’s a crystal palace. For the past couple years in almost all my meditations, I have seen this palace and I have drawn it in multiple paintings.  Immediately, I felt heart chakra activations and my soul felt settled, comforted and peace. It was incredibly heart warming. I’m so thankful I invested in a soul portrait. I feel at home every time I look at it❤️“


Nikola’s work resonates to my core and I am filled with gratitude to glimpse one more facet of my incarnation, as perceived by another being of couscious light. Thank you for the work you do, Nikola – thank you, for this important work in bringing out the best in us. I am wholly grateful.


I have happy truth tears! Your work and channeling gives me chills in an amazing soul knowing way! I program my energy to radiate rainbow rays and I was “told” that people who could read energy would see my wings- I LOVE my underwater and air wings!! OMAZING 🕉💓🙏


I had originally found Wonderful Hippie randomly on Instagram, and i saw that she was having a contest for a discounted spirit guide painting. Right away this caught my attention (as I love the spirit world and love art) and entered. I got my spirit guide portrait and was blown away at how much it resonated with me. She kept me updated on the progress and was tremendously friendly. I plan on getting more spirit guide portraits done for my self as well as my friends and family. I love her work and cant wait to see what she offers down the road!!! thank you!!


The beauty and magic of your art is the kind that sinks deep down into the heart and soul, touches a place I never knew existed and leaves me in awe and wonder of all we are connected to beyond this world.