Raphaela Gilla

When I first met Nikola Machova online I had a very clear feeling that our artistic collaboration will be amazing and harmonies.
I trusted her from the first moment by seeing and feeling her unique, artistic talent, her high sensitivity, her creative skills and her open, compatible heart.

Nikola Machova is an amazing visual artist. Through her art she inspires the world with her beautiful, atmospheric creations and with her deep spiritual knowledge.

I had a wonderful experience by our artistic collaboration! Nikola felt my song and made an amazing visual art video for it, which serves and supports my music and lyrics as well as my soul in a most deep and sensitive way. Nikola understood very fast what the song needs, shared with me every creative step in the creative process, was open to my opinions and invest pure love and effort to achieve a magical inspiration and the results were truly successful!

I love this video! I’m very grateful and proud of it!
I loved the collaborative work with Nikola and I feel that it was the first but definitely not the last collaboration with her ❤️

Thanks to this positive artistic experience with Nikola Machova, I feel and know deep in my heart that it is a wonderful beginning of a new, golden age where women of art collaborate, support and help one another! ❤️🙏